Candy Health Risks

Candies and other sweet products can have positive effects on your health and metabolism, but if you indulge in them on regular basis, some problems can arise. Negative effects of regular consumption of sweets can range from small problems to serious health issues that can cause significant problems to you.

Blood Sugar Spikes – One of the most common effects of the candy intake are the immediate changes in the amount of sugar in our bloodstream. Candy and many other sweets (in form of food or drinks) contain rapidly digested carbohydrates such as refined floud and sugar that are almost instantly absorbed by our metabolism, leading to the spike in blood sugar levels, following by the rapid decrease. This blood sugar crash can cause slight effects of addiction, such as trembling, craving for more sweets, hunger, headache and thirst.

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Tooth Decay – Human mouths are a home of billions of bacteria that are feeding of the small pieces of food that remain in our mouths. One culture of those bacteria is Streptococcus mutans, who are responsible for creating cavities in our teeth. After coming in the contact with sweets, those bacteria latch to our teeth and expose them with lactic acid that slowly destroys our teeth. You can protect yourself from this tooth decay by rinsing your teeth after every meal and lowering consumption of sugar.

Low quality sweets – Wide array of popular sweets that are currently sold on market have very large amounts of sugars, additives and other chemical compounds that are not good for your metabolism and teeth if consumed in large quantities. Instead of eating such products, consider eating products with natural sweeteners, green tea, or fruits.

Obesity – Candies and sweets usually have very rich calorie and energy content that is packaged into very small serving of food. Result of large candy intake inevitably leads to the obesity, or storing excess amounts of calories that your body cannot burn or get rid of. Obesity leaves on our metabolism can leave permanent problems and serious injuries that cannot be easily cured (most commonly cardiovascular).

Type 2 diabetes – Excessive consumption of candies and other sweet products can cause imbalance of sugar in our bloodstream and damage ability of liver to process sugar. Eating fewer candies can prevent appearance of diabetes.

Artificial ingredients – Modern candy products often contain large amount of artificial ingredients that can be not only harmful when ingested in large quantities, but can also cause serious allergic and asthmatic responses. These ingredients can be various coloring agents, non-nutritive material, lead, and more.

Note: All figures are approximate; this site does not provide expert or professional advice.

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